HBSA Hall of Fame​

Season: 2019
Achievement: Southwest Interleague Champions (Undefeated!)
Team Name: Hills Heat
Division: 8u Softball
Manager: Megan Charniak
Coaches: Ed Charniak, Scott Tujo, Mike Sweet,

Mike Czyz, John Deehan

Team Mom:  Kathy Sweet
Players:  Natalia Deehan, Callie Charniak, Brooklyn Bartleman, 

Maddy Sweet, Joanna Czyz, Anna Budz, Viviana Merida,

Vanessa Fraga, Sarah Tujo, Fabiola Pena,

Brianna Sweet, Angelina Hernandez

2017 Hall of Fame Inductees -

 Name:  Jim Kaleckas

 History / Achievements:

     -  Former HBSA Board Member

     -  Former HBSA Division Director

     -  Managed several teams in multiple age levels

     -  Hard working volunteer always helped with opening day, family picnics 

         and tournaments.

Season: 2016

Achievement: Southwest Interleague Champions

Team Name: Hills Heat

Division: 10u Softball

Manager: Megan Charniak

Coaches: Ed Charniak, Matt Konieczny, Steve Lipkie, Mandy Cowe

Players: Josie Hansen, Bella Sweet, Addison Konieczny, Haley Lara,

Annabel Lipkie, Mary Charniak, Madilyn Ingolia, Hannah Radosevic,

Caitlin Bergen, Victoria Vogwill, Andrea Araiza, Laila Harper,

Carlina Garcia, Cassandra Dixon, Erin Cowe. 

Season: 2016

Achievements: Southwest Interleague Champions 


Team Name: Hills Pinto Cubs

Division: Pinto Baseball

Manager: Johnny Rivas

Coaches: Paul Talaga, Dan Nybom, Tim Jura, Afrim Smith

Players: Matthew Vogwill *, Tyler Gibson, Saul Corral,

Elijah Hernadez, Caleb Smith, Adrian Litke, Dimitri Poulos,

Phillip Elizondo, Angelo Jura *, Dominic Talaga, 

Matthew Nyblom *, Ricky Rivas *.

* Signifies players from 2015 and 2016 Championship Seasons.

​2015 / 2016 HBSA Player Retirees Coming Soon!

Name: Richie Rusk

History / Achievements:

  •  Worked 44 years for Hickory Hills Park District 
  • Worked over 30 years for Hickory Hills Baseball and HBSA.
  • Happy Retirement Richie! We will miss you and thanks

          for all your hard work and dedication to the community.

Richie Rusk Retirement Party

Pictured from left to right: HBSA President George Czarnik,

 Guest of Honor Richie Rusk, Softball Director Pattie Wheeler.                           


​​Season: 2015

Achievements:  All American City Tournament Champions

NSA Land of Lincoln State Champions

Team Name:  Hills Hawks

Division:  16u Girls Softball

Manager: Ron Moran

Coaches: Bill Popp, Paul Wetzig, Sam Janc. 

Players: Genae, Alexa, Kassie, Colleen, Olivia, Morgan,

Marissa, Kathy, Kayla, Urte, Abby,  Ava.

Name: Scott Kargol

Achievements: Managed / coached youth baseball from

T-ball (4-5 year old kids) all the way through Pony Division

(13-14 year old kids).

Board Member Position: Player Agent / Umpire

Years on board:   12                   

Years as manager:   10               Dates: 2002 - Present


2015 HBSA Player Retiree

Alexis Baxter

Only female player to play baseball from Shetland                                                   Picture coming soon!

thru Pony division. 

Season: 2015

Achievement: Southwest Interleague Champions

Team Name:  Hills Pinto Cubs

Division: Pinto Baseball

Manager: Johnny Rivas

Coaches: Al Smith, Dan Nyblom, Tim Jura. 

Players: Matthew Vogwill, William Bergen, Ryan Obiala,

Ricky Motycka, Jacob Fries, Angelo Jura, A.J. Smith,

Andy McKinney, Mohammed Salmons, Alan Lara,

Matthew Nyblom, Ricky Rivas.



​​Season: 2014  

Achievement:  2nd Place 8u SWI Championship                                                                                                

Team Name: Diamond Girls

Division: 8u Girls Softball

Manager: Sandy Johnson

Coaches: Steve Lipkie, Mike Vogwill

Name: James S. Churms

Achievements: Managed youth baseball from late 80's to late 90's.

Winningest Manager in Hickory Hills Youth Baseball History which

include multiple season championships and tournaments from Mustang, 

Bronco and Pony Divisions. 

"A manager may win a championship, but he ain't no Jim Churms.

The guy won everything"

- HBSA President George Czarnik

Name: George Czarnik

Achievements: Managed / coached youth baseball from (      -       )
Continues to volunteer to community as active HBSA President
long after his children finished Hickory Hills baseball / softball.

Current HBSA President, SWI Interleague & HBSA Tournament Director, 

Field Maintenance Supervisor.

Board Member Position(s) Past:

President Hickory Hills Youth Baseball, Player Agent, Field Maintenance, 

SWI Interleague Director, Tournament Director, Shetland Director.

Years on Board:        1998  - Present
Years as Coach:        1999  -  2007

 Why is he at the very bottom of the HBSA Hall of Fame?

 To build something worthwhile, you need a strong foundation.

From the 2016 HBSA Board :)