What is the HBSA?

The HBSA stands for Hills Baseball Softball Association. The HBSA was formed from a merger of two baseball programs

(Palos Hills and Hickory Hills) in late 2013. We are a registered "not for profit" business who's goal is to provide a safe and friendly enviroment for kids ages 4 through 14 years of age who can participate by playing  a full season of baseball

or softball. While one of our goals is to be competitive, our main mission is for the kids to have fun. We welcome the skilled

and unskilled players alike.  Our kids are the present & the future of our community, so we put the work in to help them grow.

Is the HBSA part of the local park district?

The HBSA is not associated with any park district in Hickory or Palos Hills. The entire HBSA is made up of volunteers with no paid postions. This includes all the board members, managers, coaches, team moms, parents working the concession stand cutting grass and taking care of the fields. The volunteers are critical to the HBSA. Without them, there wouldn't be baseball or softball in our communites. 

What does the HBSA offer in value compared to other towns nearby?

Registration with the HBSA includes a full season:

  • (14-16 regular season games), not including playoffs which can be 1 to 5 games (single game elimination).
  • Weekly / Bi-weekly practices.
  • Full uniform (quality numbered jersey, pants, socks, and cap / visor). 
  • Nice looking fields - we are the only youth baseball program in the area that has 4 grass infields for baseball players ages 8-14.
  • Impressive Opening Day - Something you just have to experience. 2 mile long parade, Star Spangled Banner... you get the idea.
  • Family friendly atmosphere - Hanging out at our remodeled concession stand after games,  team unity, making new friends!
  • Great people - from our volunteers to our coaches, we have people in place who want to see your kid(s) succeed. 
  • 4 tickets to the AA baseball team "Windy City Thunderbolts" that is a fun event / fundraiser for the HBSA. 
  • End of year party and team trophy for each player.

 My kid is registered for the season. Can you tell me about volunteering and how do I go about it? 

At registration you received a colored coupon sheet. There are five volunteer coupons per sheet. 

Each time you work a volunteer shift (3 hour shift / 1 coupon) & have a board member sign your sheet, it is worth $25.00 back in your pocket. Fill out the entire sheet and you now have $125.00 (good as cash) at the end of the year.  You have the option of working as little as one or two shifts or working the entire five shifts on the coupon sheet (i.e. - work only two shifts, get back $50.00 at the end of the year). The HBSA would rather have you volunteer and be a part of the community rather than collect your money.

Ways to qualify for volunteer coupons

Manage a team - 4 coupons.

Assistant Coach - 3 coupons.

Team Mom - 2 coupons.

Field Work - 1 coupon per shift (3 hour shift).

Concession Stand Work - 1 coupon per shift (3 hour shift).

If you would like to sign up for a concession stand shift, please contact our concessions manager Regina Simone at vitosimone01@att.net

If you would like to inquire about being a manager, coach or team mom, please contact player agent Scott Kargol 

at scottkargol@comcast.net

If you would like to sign up for a field maintenance shift please contact HBSA President George Czarnik 

at GeorgeCzarnik@thehillsbaseball.org

Frequently Asked Questions