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For decades there have been two proud and successful recreational baseball/softball programs in the southwest suburbs - Hickory Hills Youth Baseball and Palos Hills Baseball Association. These historic programs have now merged into one program that will be known as HILLS BASEBALL SOFTBALL ASSOCIATION (HBSA)! This new league will use all of the great fields and facilities formerly used by each program. Hills Baseball Softball Association will provide baseball and softball at all levels for children 4 to 16 years old. 
Hills Baseball softball Association will be accepting boys and girls from throughout the southwest suburbs for recreational participation as well as part-time and full-time travel teams. 
This merger is certain to re-launch baseball and softball participation and competition in our community. Hickory Hills and Palos Hills have always competed in a close rivalry, with a long tradition of creating great athletes and citizens. Now as one program, Hills Baseball Softball Association expects even greater accomplishments in the near future. 
George Czarnik of Hickory Hills and Peter Donahue of Palos Hills are leading the foundation and development of this exciting new league as President and Vice-President of Hills Baseball Softball Association. 
For more information on the merger or how to register and take part in HBSA email us

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Opening Day Parade and Ceremonies - Sat. May 3rd

Meeting dates and times for SWI Divisional meetings - Bedford Park Swanson 

Monday 4/14/14 7:45 8u softball - Monday 4/14/14 8:45 10 u softball

Tuesday 4/15/14 5:45 Pinto baseball - Tuesday 4/15/14 7:00 mustang baseball 

Tuesday 4/15/14 8:15 Bronco baseball - Wednesday 4/16/14 6:30pm 12u Girls Softball

Wednesday 4/16/14 7:45 pm 14u softball - Thursday 4/17/14 7:45 pm pony baseball 

Welcome to the HBSA 2014 
Baseball and Softball Season